Imola, the autodrome, the flavors
At 13 kilometers of the hotel Locanda di Bagnara, Imola is a city famous throughout the world for the prestigious Enzo and Dino Ferrari international Autodrome. The historic center holds the surprise of the Rocca Sforzesca practically intact from the 16th century; from Palazzo Tozzoni, an extremely interesting house – 18th century museum; the pharmacy of the Ospedale with the beautiful collection of ceramics, the Pinacoteca museum, the Museo archeologico Scartabelli, Museo delle Ceramiche and many others.

The Wine Road and the flavors of the Colli di Imola hills are found among the hill villages rich in enogastronomic products and traditions. Other than the wines, there are fish, pears and shallots, cold cuts and typical dishes such as fresh stuffed pasta with ragout and other delicacies.

Faenza, ceramics, the hill
At 17 kilometers from the hotel Locanda di Bagnara, Faenza is the delightful historic center famous throughout the world for the art of ceramics, a lively secular tradition even today among the narrow streets of the center, in the splendid craftsmen’s workshops and the Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche, one of the most important in the world for history and collections. The hills surrounding Faenza is extremely pleasant, with historic hamlets and thermal springs such as Brisighella and Riolo Terme, crossed by the Strada del Sangiovese along which to stop to taste DOC and DOCG wines, DOP oil and so many typical products of Romagna.

Bologna, the university, the doors and the towers
At 33 km from the Locanda di Bagnara, Bologna is the city of the university, the oldest in Europe, established in 1088, tortellini, the small shaped fresh pasta stuffed with meat, and the very high Towers of the Asinelli and of Garisenda, symbolizing the power and wealth of the Bolognese aristocrats. Around the 12th century, there were approximately two hundred, which must have been an incredible sight even for those, like us, accustomed to seeing skyscrapers in the cities of today. And these are the famous doors for pleasant walks in historic center among towers, plazas and businesses of every type.